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We help our students gain the vital knowledge and skills, which is required to cope up in the business world. We are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human being with values. It is our endeavor to provide the students with a congenial environment with a focus on achieving academic excellence.

We also focus on the all round development of the students by constantly conducting various activities that help to enhance the personality, creativity and innovativeness of an individual. Our Placement cell aims at not only the placements of its students but also plays an important role in shaping the careers of students from their induction & Orientation post placement support, Summer Internships, Mid Terms projects and Industrial Visits. The Cell undertakes various academic and co-curricular initiatives so that students are well equipped to meet varied industry requirements along with Training of students for improvement technical, soft and communication skills. Our Team along with students and alumni works towards strengthening placements and career opportunities for the students.

In our Nine Years of legacy, we have created over thousands of success stories and many more are waiting to make a mark.. Our students have made their mark in companies like Google, Microsoft, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, TCS,HP, AON HEWITT L&T, & many more…

Industrial Incubation Centre

There is lack of corporate involvement in our Indian education system, which isthe major cause of our education system not meeting expectations of the industryrequirements. The existing education system, in its present state, lacks both in capacity aswell as quality to churn out trained youth who are acceptable in the industry and corporateworld. With the market economy maturing, great amount of opportunities unfolding and at the same time financial status and availability of resources improving, the aspirations of the youth have risen and they are emboldened to venture out of their villages, states andcountries into new spheres to excel and settle their career.
Keeping this in our mind, GNI has entered into collaboration with a number of reputed companies such as TCS, HCL, HP, IBM, CISCO, INTEL,SWARJ MAZDA, RANBAXY & many more. Being a momentous and far reaching programme, it aims at training of faculty and students about new technologies, besides carrying out research projects, consultancy and exploring placement options globally, which is the need of present times. There is a continuous demand of skilled and trained manpower in various industries, which is surely being fulfilled by GNIIANs who undergo a very special competency based training qualifications with state of art facilities and full support of top industry partners.The institutions provide the learners with an in-depth understanding of the industrial environment and its working as well as prepare them for the corporate world through industrial projects and exhaustive training sessions conducted by the industry personnel.

Institute-Industry Interaction

GNI lays great importance on the quality of its human resources consisting of faculty and experts from industry, on its hi-tech infrastructure and on teaching –learning process. With a strong belief in applied learning, the Institute maintains strong Institution-industry linkages. Guru Nanak Institutes uphold a close interaction with leading corporate and industry professionals, involving them in various activities through seminars, guest lectures, projects, consultancy etc. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Virender Mehta, the former Manager HCL, Training and Placement cell is in the process of establishing tie-ups with different industries. In nutshell we leave no stone unturned in the process to help our students to scale new heights.

Employability Training

"To be employed is to be at risk, to be employable is to be secure" – Peter Hawkins.

Getting a good job is not sufficient in the current scenario. One must have employability that is, acquiring the attributes and skills which are necessary for securing a job, doing well in that job as well as changing the jobs for one’s growth in career.
"Many of the graduates I met were unprepared, uninformed and lacking in self-awareness. They struggled to demonstrate what it was they wanted from a job and what they could bring to it" states Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive of the Association of Graduate Recruiters
GNI not only provides the budding engineers and aspiring managers information and guidance regarding the latest market trends and career options but also helps them attain desired skills like enthusiasm, confidence, good communication, time management, team work and interpersonal skills etc through exhaustive training sessions.

Summer Internship

Summer Training is an important and integral part of the B.Tech. & MBA Programme, where students undergo training with their chosen organization for 6-8 weeks after their first year. The training programme provides them with ample opportunities to apply in practice the concepts, ideas and theories learnt by them during their first year.
On satisfactory completion of their summer training, the students prepare a project report on the summer assignment thereby crystallizing the knowledge they gained during the period of their training. A presentation on the project report by all the students increases the knowledge pool of the students where students exchange their first-hand experiences of the corporate world.
The Institute has enjoyed extensive corporate support for summer training with the result that summer projects have been diverse, challenging and intense learning experiences.

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