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The Chairman

The Chairman, S. Tarlochan Singh, has been an asset to the nationalized banks of India for 26 years. He is a great visionary and dynamic leader who has also been instrumental in placing many students in leading positions of their choices. His major concern is preparing the learners academically, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually to stand up, speak out and achieve success in all spheres of life. He is dedicated to assist students in realizing their dreams and take them to the pinnacle of success and glory. At Guru Nanak Institute of Technology and Guru Nanak Institute of Management, he is committed to provide a favorable environment for wholesome learning - maintaining a balance between academic excellence and moral perfection. His precision in working, patient handling of situations and down to earth approach serve as a great motivation for the team of GNI. As a multifaceted personality, he is sure to take Guru Nanak Institutions to the zenith of glory.

Selecting an academic program marks the start of an exciting period of your life. When you are selecting a program at an institution, you add life changing experiences and expand opportunities as well. Change - That word sure has a lot of meaning and purpose for all of us here at GNI. It is the premise on which the academic programs are designed to be effective. The distinguished faculty at GNI, which forms the most impacting clout in academic and consulting circles, has taken the pains to ensure that the student of today is constantly acclimatized to the dynamics of change and takes his rightful place amongst the future change drivers of the industry. I welcome you to experience this change.

S. Tarlochan Singh
(The Chairman)

We at GNI believe that the objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. At GNI, we will not only help you reach the doors of success but also equip you to walk through these. For that purpose, emphasis on learning is the leitmotif of our pedagogy. GNI has already established unassailable reputation for very strong on-campus recruitments by the sheer virtue of its intensive focus on making all its graduates "industry ready". GNI aims to provide resources to help its students succeed in tomorrow's changing global job market and is committed to help each & every student to gain a position best suited to his/her long term career goal.

We, at GNI, remain dedicated to our aim "Explore Your Potential" by making each and every student realize his or her potential with the help of hands-on and responsive way of teaching. This not only empowers our students with the required skill-set for their respective courses, but also prepares them for the challenges they would face in their later professional life. Today we are proud that GNI is synonymous with practical, industry-focused education and attracts the best students from across the region. With full understanding and realization of the country's imperative needs of world class education, GNI has the goal to impart holistic training which imbibes not only professional knowledge and skills but also training in values and ethos of our rich heritage with a view to all round development of the future generation for the nation.

GNI represents the quest for learning excellence by applying the best education practices by re-defining international competitiveness, so that our students are perfectly prepared for global citizenship. Patronizing students unique capacity to discover their own 'space', being the GNI culture, we invite you to connect to this family having a 'welcoming legacy'.

I assure that your stay at Guru Nanak Institutions and your study here will be a pleasant experience, to be enjoyed and cherished forever. I invite you to experience a different professional education environment and help us make a change to our society.

Each one of our students will be a success story. This is my dream, this is my commitment.

S. Tarlochan Singh

The General Secretary

The general secretary of the Trust, S. Harjinder Singh is duly held in high esteem because of his simplicity, honesty and forthrightness. The Trust finds in him a responsible leader committed to the aggressive harvesting of opportunity. He is determined to aid those whose current condition temporarily bars them from claiming a share of that opportunity. It is because of his concerted efforts and commitment that Guru Nanak Institutions have taken fast strides towards excellence.


It has been my indomitable wish to establish educational institutions offering technical and professional education to students from all over the world.

I believe, the learners must be groomed for the global careers and they ought to be trained to have an edge over their counterparts across the world. To achieve this purpose, the basic requirement is an institution that is complete in terms of competent and dedicated faculty, excellent infrastructure and favorable environment. Moreover, the institute has to be aware of the changing technological development across the globe and should promptly fine-tune their efforts and teaching methodology, to respond to those changes.

My dreams have come true under the vibrant leadership of the Chairman Sardar Tarlochan Singh. He has been the impetus behind the Guru Nanak Institutions and has succeeded in establishing professional Institutions that cater to the aspirations of the students and their parents.

The Institutions have gained reputation and renown at a much faster rate than my expectations. In a short span of time, they have accomplished a phenomenal growth. I congratulate the Directors of the respective institutions, their HODs and the learned faculty for making this possible.

S.Harjinder Singh
General Secretary

S.Harjinder Singh

( General Secretary )

Principal Advisor

Guru Nanak Institutions are fortunate to have at its helm, Dr. Jagir S Multani as the advisor. Dr. Multani has done his B.S & M.S from Punjab University, Chandigarh. After obtaining M.S in 1965, he studied in University of California (USA), earning Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in molecular Chemistry. In his journey as an entrepreneur, Dr. Multani has served reputed technical organizations such as Intel, General Instruments Microelectronics and many more. He is a real technocrat with more than 30 years of experience in semiconductor industries, including over 20 years in various roles at Intel. Dr. Multani has more than 20 patents to his credit along with several other awards and distinctions & he believes achieving global standards requires changing mindsets and institutionalizing systems to benchmark every critical activity against international standards.

At GNI, Dr. Multani is committed to nurture the pioneering spirit and zeal amongst the youth by enlightening them with the world of knowledge and the pursuit of perfection so as to make each student a 'Verto' to confront the emerging challenges of the future. He is dedicated to provide a powerful blend of academic rigor with applied leadership experience necessary to produce astonishing results in a rapidly changing world.

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